Swirl Printed Silicone Wristband

Swirl Printed Silicone Wristband

Durable, high quality, comfortable elastic. 100% silicone bracelet. It feels like rubber bracelet, but it doesn't contain latex. Waterproof and easy to clean It is very suitable for children's bracelets or used as a silicone bracelet for men and women.


·  Keep motivated - high quality rubber band bracelets, six different power reminders, bright and powerful colors: I am me, I am strong, I am beautiful, I am worth it, I am great, I like it.        

·  CLASSICDESIGN-Solza's famous silicone wristband is loved by millions of people; comfortable, fashionable, bold colors, motivational words for large-scale printing help you maintain happiness, health and vitality.

·  Perfect size - One-piece silicone wristband, suitable for adults, men and women, size 8 ", width of about 0.5 inches; perfect and comfortable, suitable for men, women, teenagers 

·  Keep inspiration - These inspiring wristbands are focused on your goals and are ideal for everyday use, work, gym, and during competitions; for men and women, students, anyone in need of promotion

·  Incredible value - a set of six inspired silicone wristbands, the perfect female Bracelet belt, the ultimate Bracelet suit, fashion and inspiring rubber wristbands

Swirl Printed Silicone Wristband (2)


· Name: Swirl Printed Silicone Wristband

·  No: PW12ASW

·  Style: Printed Wristband

·  Type: Swirl

·  Size: 202*12*2mm

·  Rush Service: Yes

·  Minimum Order Quantity: 20 pcs


We declare that all quotation from ybuw.com already include set-up fee about your order and shipping cost to your door directly by express. There is no hidden cost here.


How we can supply this kind of competitive price?

Because we have our own factory, controlling basic cost by ourselves totally.

Because we are great cooperator(SVIP) with UPS and Fedex for global shipping, getting best shipping price from them based on our huge export quantity every day.

We're one of the leading Debossed Wristbands manufacturers in China. The swirl printed silicone wristband we offer is in line with US ASTM standard. Welcome to buy the quality and durable products with our supplier. For customized products, contact us now. 24 hours' service is available.
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