1inch Pink Color-Filled Wristband Bracelets

1inch Pink Color-Filled Wristband Bracelets

Put these bracelets on, so that you can finish your tasks or fitness goals as soon as possible, even if it is difficult. The standard adult size is 8 inches circumference x 1 inches wide; the classic male and female design is suitable for men and women. A low cost, high efficiency advertisement, promotional gift.


Our 1inch Pink Color-Filled Wristband Bracelets all use specific embossing quotation, so that you can keep the power wristband with free quotation, front, the other on the back, which is a very simple way to help you maintain the normal operation of the wristband with fashionable style, in order to match your daily necessities, 1inch Pink Color-Filled Wristband Bracelets can exercise, basket. Ball, Crossfit, running, weightlifting and other sports, every day in the perfect accessories.    



  • Name: 1inch Pink Color-Filled Wristband Bracelets

  • No.: CFW25ASO

  • Style: Color Filled Wristband

  • Type: Solid

  • Size: 202*25*2 mm

  • Rush Service: No

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 20 pcs

Be careful:

    A fully customized silicone wristband can also be provided. You can design wristbands with logos, phrases, Internet addresses, phone numbers, or whatever specific needs you want to promote to help your team meet their needs and goals.

    For more information, please email or call us.

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