Lanyards are made of high quality polyester, nylon or other fabrics thread as per the styles. The most Popular styles include Polyester Printed Lanyards, Nylon Printed lanyards, Full color Lanyards, Woven or Jacquard lanyards, Tube lanyards and many more others. All these lanyards can have custom message printed on them and have different size and wide range of colors.
  • Full Color Lanyards With Key Clip

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    Full Color Lanyards With Key Clip

    It can be used as a single or bulk package. Order more, save more! It is made of smooth and smooth polyester fabric with double sided imprint. each lanyard is equipped with nickel plated rotary thumb hook, detachable fastener and safety quick release device.Read More

  • Plastic Hook Polyester Lanyards

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    Plastic Hook Polyester Lanyards

    light and comfortable watchband Made from durable polyester High quality plastic hook can connect key. Single sided printed designRead More

  • Retractable Full Color Lanyards

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    Retractable Full Color Lanyards

    Lanyard is an excellent way to ensure that employees, students, participants and visitors can check identity cards at any time. This durable knitted lanyard is comfortable and affordable.Read More

  • Flat Open Ended Lanyards

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    Flat Open Ended Lanyards

    Durable, Custom nylon screen printed lanyards with molded plastic head It is suitable for ID bracket, brand name fixer, badge rack, VIP, event, exhibition, etc.Read More

  • Id Badge Woven Lanyard

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    Id Badge Woven Lanyard

    Lanyard is an excellent way to ensure that employees, students, participants and visitors can see identification at any time. This durable knitted lanyard is comfortable and affordable. Thicker and more solid than most. It will not tear or discolor. Waterproof and dust-proof, so your badge will...Read More

  • Id Card Holder Polyester Lanyard

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    Id Card Holder Polyester Lanyard

    • Durable polyester cord, very suitable for your ID card holder, name tag and / or key. • Lightweight, comfortable, soft and easy to hand wash. • Quick release release button is easy to install and remove. • 3/4 inch wide, adjustable length from 14 "to 23", suitable for children and adults of all sizes. • The fashionable and unique design...Read More

  • Safety Breakaway Polyester Lanyards

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    Safety Breakaway Polyester Lanyards

    High quality lanyard, with safe separation and release function. Compatible with any identity holder or identity document. Separate safety buckle can secure Necklace safely and firmly. Soft, washable polyester safety breakaway polyester lanyards 18 inches from the back of your neck and clearly show your ID card (36 inches long).Read More

  • Id Badge Holder Nylon Lanyard

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    Id Badge Holder Nylon Lanyard

    Nylon lanyard includes blank nylon lanyard and jacquard nylon lanyard. You can choose wholesale or custom design for your company.Read More

  • Nylon Screen Printed Lanyards

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    Nylon Screen Printed Lanyards

    Lanyards are a great way to ensure that employees, students, attendees and visitors have their identification visible at all times! These Flat lanyards are Lightweight comfortable soft to wear and affordable, durable. Easy to clip and unclip for stuff with lanyard port/holeRead More

  • Polyester Offset Printing Lanyard

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    Polyester Offset Printing Lanyard

    Polyester offset printing Lanyard make you wear comfortable Durable polyester is suitable for ID brand tag, key, USB flash disk and other portable items. It is a good choice for small or large office use.Read More

  • Silk Screen Printed Lanyard

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    Silk Screen Printed Lanyard

    Silk screen printed lanyard is the most popular custom style we can provide. This style provides the best balance between the price and performance of any lanyard. Using high quality polyester, we dye the tie with your specific Pantone color and then customize it with your own printed logo....Read More

  • Screen printed lanyards with logo printing

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    Screen printed lanyards with logo printing

    · DESIGN: Detachable plastic clip with lobster claw key holder, ring and cell phone string · QUALITY: Single sided screen printed neck lanyard and durable string with high quality · Perfect Fit For: Keys, Mobile Phones, Cameras, ID Badges, Party Favors and Many More · LOGO: High Quality Woven...Read More

SHANGZHI is one of the leading lanyards manufacturers. Here we bring you the best quality and durable lanyards, all in line with US ASTM standard. Welcome to buy the quality products with our supplier, and the customized orders are also welcome.
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